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Dr. May Caprio, R. Psych.

Dr. Caprio was the staff psychologist for a metropolitan police service for many years where she provided respectful and therapeutic clinical care of officers and their families. She conducted assessments and recommendations for police recruitment, conducted psychological assessments for fitness for duty, provided health checks for officers in high risk areas, conducted critical incident stress debriefing/defusing, and worked extensively with trauma.

She has practiced in the area of neuropsychology and brain injury, and has been a consultant in private industry providing psychological assessments, individual psychotherapy, marriage counselling, and giving presentations on memory enhancement, stress management, and optimal performance.

Currently, she provides psychological services for the Pain Program in the Anaesthesia & Surgical Services at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC as a member of the interdisciplinary team. Dr. Caprio is registered in the Province of British Columbia (CPBC #2021). She is also listed on the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists.