Dr. May Caprio

R. Psych.

Mental health conditions:


Chronic pain




Relationship issues

Therapeutic approaches:

Trauma-focused psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for pain and insomnia


Acceptance and Commitment therapy

Somatic processing

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy


Image Rehearsal Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Exposure therapies

Dr. Caprio has been a consultant in private industry and non-profit organizations providing psychological assessments, psychotherapy, and couple counselling. Prior to joining VIPS, she was the staff psychologist for a police service providing clinical services to officers including fitness for duty assessments, critical incident stress debriefing, psychological assessments for high-risk areas, on-call crisis support, return-to-work coordination with stakeholders, and recruit selection managing psychological testing and evaluation process. She has practiced in the area of neuropsychology, brain injury, and rehabilitation.

Currently, Dr. Caprio works with the Regional Pain Program at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. She is registered in British Columbia (CPBC #2021) and is listed on the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists.

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