Dr. Émilie Crevier-Quintin

Dr. Émilie Crevier-Quintin

Dr. Crevier-Quintin is a registered psychologist in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia (#2674). Dr. Crevier-Quintin works with adults and older adults with a wide range of challenges, including acquired brain injury, stroke, dementia, anxiety, and depression. She provides neuropsychological assessments, psychological assessments, cognitive rehabilitation and counselling/therapy services.

Dr. Crevier-Quintin believes that every individual is unique and that being flexible is crucial to providing psychological and neuropsychological services. She strives to create an open and nonjudgmental space in which clients can collaboratively explore their concerns, strengths, and struggles. Her therapeutic approach includes elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), and mindfulness. She uses evidence-based cognitive strategies for improving attention, memory, and organizational skills, when working with individuals with cognitive concerns. She also works with individuals who have difficulties managing other areas of their health, including mood, anxiety, adjustment to chronic illness, and sleep, in developing strategies and more manageable ways to cope.

Dr. Crevier-Quintin completed her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology emphasis, at the University of Victoria. Prior to joining Vancouver Island Psychological Services, Dr. Crevier-Quintin worked in the Acquired Brain Injury Program at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences, in Hamilton, Ontario.

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