Dr. Patrick Corney

Dr. Patrick Corney

R. Psych. (Clinic Co-Director)

Dr. Corney’s practice consists primarily of providing various types of assessment services, and he has extensive experience in the provision of psychological/mental health assessments, neuropsychological assessments, psycho-educational assessments, and psycho-vocational assessments.

Dr. Corney enjoys working with a wide range of client populations and presenting problems, but he has a particular interest in working with clients who have experienced concussions, brain injuries, and/or neurocognitive concerns. In addition, he has interest and experience in assessing for the presence of depression/mood-related concerns, anxiety disorders, and trauma-related conditions (e.g., Posttraumatic Stress Disorder).

Dr. Corney is available to provide medical-legal assessment services, and he has been qualified as an expert in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

In addition to providing assessment services, Dr. Corney also maintains a small psychological treatment caseload, focused primarily on the provision of cognitive behavioural therapy to clients with problems such as depression and anxiety.

Dr. Corney is registered to practice in the Province of British Columbia (#1907).

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