Dr. Tom Strong

Dr. Tom Strong

R. Psych.

Dr. Tom Strong (College of BC Psychologist #991) has been practicing as a psychologist for over 30 years. Tom completed his PhD in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta in 1990 and then practiced in public and private mental health settings in northwestern BC for 11 years before becoming a Professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary. In 2019, Tom concluded his academic career from his new home in Duncan, BC where he continues to reside. Tom practices psychotherapy from a number of evidence-supported orientations, including cognitive, family systems and narrative therapy. An avid swimmer, cyclist, music buff, and budding fly fisherman, Tom enjoys Island life.

Part of Tom's practice is oriented to potential clients wondering if their concerns are more problem-solving/decision-making in nature, and not concerns arising from diagnosable mental disorders. Should an initial consultation highlight the need for more intensive treatment of a mental disorder, Tom can refer you on to another clinician. As part of his approach, Tom provides a letter summarizing details of the consultation, including next step recommendations. Should you find this consultative approach helpful, follow-up sessions can be arranged for as long as you find them useful in addressing your concerns. Examples of the kinds of concerns addressed this way: challenging life transitions, problematic relationship patterns, and breaking from unwanted habits. Request a consultation with Tom should you be interested in this consultative approach, which is a part of how he practices as a psychologist.

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